Dolly Parton Releases Inspiring New Single “When Life Is Good Again”

Who doesn’t love Dolly? Not content with donating $1 million to Nashville’s Vanderbilt University towards coronavirus research and live streaming herself reading bedtime stories to children in her weekly series ” Goodnight With Dolly”, the big hearted and hard working superstar this week released a new pandemic-inspired single for her fans to enjoy. ” When Life Is Good Again” tells of the challenges we all face during these unprecedented times while at the same time offering hope that one day everything will be alright …” This too shall pass away, bring new and different days” …..and as with many of her songs its message is grounded in her strong faith. The uplifting write tells of the lessons we can all hopefully learn from our recent experiences and suggests we use them to become better people in the future, in particular touching on themes such as compassion and friendship. An emotional and pensive Dolly sings ” I’ll be a better friend, a bigger person when life is good again……I’ll open up my heart and let the whole world in “. This is definitely an anthem for today and beyond, and like Dolly, I am sure we are all praying in whatever way we do that there will be at least some good to come out of such tragic and testing times.

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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