Hannah May Allison Releases New Track ‘Not Your Girl’

Hannah May Allison album art for not your girl
California born but
Nashville based, Hannah May Allison has been songwriting and performing since she was young girl in high school and for her first single for 2020 comes in with an upbeat and sassy track, Not Your Girl. Hannah May Allison comes from a musical family and is part of the latest wave of singer-songwriters of Belmont University and has not wasted any time on her musical journey to date.

The guitarled mid tempo track with pop drums comes in fast with the hook from the chorus as the intro and describes the situation where a relationship has broken down but one partner is still reaching out for and expecting support from the other, needing a reminder that the singer is Not Your Girl anymore!

The catchy country-pop track was co-written with fellow songstresses Lauren McLamb and Casey Cattie and produced by Zachary Manno.  With quite a different sound to her previous single Love Him Forever – HMA describes the new track asempowering and one that stands for a woman taking control of her life and not letting a man walk over her. Vocal effects, use of programmed drums and live drums, acoustic guitar and mandolin picking make for a satisfying mix of modern and traditional country elements.

Lyrically HMA has penned a particularly resonating bridge with  

Call your momma call your sister call your friends

call anyone you want and I dont give a damn

but one things for sure I’m not your girl anymore

Hannah May Allison is determined to produce plenty of new music this year so it sounds like there is plenty more to come from this young artist. Check out her latest single and livestreams coming up this year. Thanks HMA for this uplifting and empowering, summer country-pop track.

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