Jessica Lynn Releases Lyric Video for ‘Getaway Car’

It’s been an incredible time for Jessica Lynn recently. She recently graced the front cover of Maverick Magazine, has been added to the ‘Best New Country Spotify’ playlist and is on the verge of releasing her forthcoming ‘Lone Rider’ album. Closer to home, Jessica also appeared as the headliner at our own UK Country Music Spotlight Awards International show last night, with a performance so good, that commentors on social media stated they were moved to tears (you can watch the awards here – – fast forward to the hour mark to see Jessica in action).

On top of all this, Jessica this weekend has released the lyric video for ‘Getaway Car’, her new single. The song has an incredible upbeat vibe, is completely infectious and representative of the energy that you will have seen if ever you have seen Jessica Lynn play live.

Jessica Lynn:

Getaway Car is such a feel-good song that it required a fun, fast, and colorful video. As we are in the middle of cold winter here in New York, I didn’t feel that shooting a traditional music video would suit the track! Instead, for now, we can take a fast-paced, virtual ride through love.

Photo Credit: Scott Vincent

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