‘On the Loose’ from Charlotte Young (featuring Georgia Nevada – Out Now!)

Here at Belles & Gals, we’ve been mightily impressed by the latest single from Charlotte Young ft. Georgia Nevada. These two female Brits have produced a fabulous crossover of traditional and modern country sounds to make ‘On the Loose’ a real earworm. The single begins with the crackling of an old-fashioned record player before bursting into life with some great, early rock ‘n’ roll instrumentation. Throw in some modern rock and a thick slice of honky-tonk and we have ourselves a record that is fun, catchy, and very sassy. The subversive lyrics add to the sassiness as they tell the story of the heartbreaker rather than the heartbroken – and a female heartbreaker at that! It is this kind of fresh perspective that gives ‘On the Loose’ that extra edge, making this a very successful collaboration between two of UK country music’s rising stars.

Review written by Gareth Williams (twitter.com/lostinbluejazz1)

Stream the song below:

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