Louise Parker Releases the Mouse Remix of ‘Paradise’!

We first featured Louise Parker back in February with her hit single ‘Paradise‘ and since then Louise has featured regularly on the site. First with the release of her last single ‘Chances Are‘, and then our ‘Truth Behind the Song‘ feature. She also recently appeared at our Showcase event in London, where she excelled as a late stand in! So you could say she has made quite an impact at Belles and Gals central!

Now things have gone full circle, and Louise has released a remix version of “Paradise” in collaboration with ‘Mouse’. It’s a fantastic version of the song, and certainly not what you would usually expect to hear on Belles and Gals – it’s great to see an artist doing something different and mix it up. I caught up with Louise for a chat about the new single earlier this week! (download it here – “Paradise Download“)

Hi Louise, Today sees the release of ‘The Mouse Remix’ of your hit track ‘Paradise’ – a song, I might add, that we love at Belles and Gals. How did this fantastic version of the song come about?

Mouse and I went to the same university, studying the same subject, just a year or two apart. I have been following her music and LOVE what she does. When I first released ‘Paradise’, back in February, she covered it on Instagram whilst playing piano – which blew my mind! An incredible, talented young lady covering my song?!
We fangirled over each other for a couple of days before I asked if she would do a remix.

What was your reaction the first time you heard the song? Ours was ‘wow’!

I had heard little snippets that Mouse had been sending me and teasing on Instagram, so I knew it was going to be big. I don’t think I had realised just how big it was going to be, I was speechless (which for anyone who knows me, that does not happen often!). It’s a stand out song in it’s own right, it’s my song and me but at the same time it’s brand new and exciting.

Many country artists are willing to diversify into a more mainstream sound – Maren Morris being a fine example, when she appeared on the chart hit ‘The Middle’. Is this something you’ll see yourself doing more in the future?

Definitely. I’ve never been one for staying in my lane, just being happy with my lot. I want to try new things, collaborate with people and have the best time doing it; that’s the most important thing.

There can be a backlash from some in the ‘country music’ industry, when an artist moves outside of those ‘country’ lines. How would you respond to such comments?

There’s a lot of things I’d like to reply, but I don’t think it would be allowed on Belles & Gals! I think it’s quite beautiful to watch other artists as they grow and develop their sound, sometimes this means evolving outside your genre. It’s human to want to be better, to become the best version of yourself. No one should put walls up; segregating artists and genres is just another form of discrimination.

To finish, tell us where we can hear/download the track, and when can we next see you perform live?

As always, absolutely everywhere!
iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon (ask your smart speaker to “play Paradise (Mouse Remix)”.

25th June – Belles & Gals own Nashville Calling at Speakeasy Bar, Epping.
6th July – Fling Festival, Chelmsford

I also have an exciting gig announcement for the end of July – keep your eyes and ears peeled ladies and gents!

Louise 🙂

Check out the original version of ‘Paradise’ below too!



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