Joey Clarkson – ‘Cold Christmas’ Out Now!

This week Joey Clarkson has released ‘Cold Christmas’, her great new festive single. As you can hear below, this is a fantastic track that is sure to get you into the Christmas spirit, especially when that mulled wine starts pouring – check out those horns too! I chatted to Joey about the song, where she tells us about the writing of the song, why Christmas is such a special time of year and about a gig we’re especially excited about here at Belles and Gals!


1. You’ve just released ‘Cold Christmas’. Tell us a little bit about how the song came about?

Cold Christmas is the Christmas song I always wanted to write. Long before I understood that music was my true calling, I have very very clear memories of hanging out on Glen Alwin farm in Canada with my cousins, sister and friends, writing our own Christmas songs. While this song sounds nothing like the ones that we used to write, it definitely has hints of nostalgia to it.

Cold Christmas is a song I wrote last holiday season, on a ukulele in our London flat, with my Husband Peter. He insists that he didn’t write it, but actually came up with some of the most important parts – for instance, the one syllable, should have been obvious word to complete the hook of the chorus: Sled. He also composed and arranged the horn lines for the song!

2. How exciting is it to have a new song out? Does it makes you feel more festive releasing a Christmas song?

Releasing a Christmas single has been the most festive and joyous experience!

When we recorded the song at The Big Smoke Studios in London in October, we went all out; even though it was well before the “appropriate” time to start celebrating, we all wore our tacky Christmas Jumpers and accessories for the event.

I am more than excited to release this song. Christmas in the last few years has started meaning a lot more, and has completely changed my outlook on the holiday season. It was Christmas even in 2015 that I ran into my (now) husband outside of bar in Bridport, UK, and a year later on Christmas eve, surrounded by both of our families (mine were visiting from Canada) that he took me to the side and asked me to marry him. Since then, Christmas has become my number 1 favourite holiday 🙂

3. How will you be spending Christmas yourself this year?

My husband, pomsky pup and I will be heading to Bridport to spend our leave with our family down there. There will be an abundance of cheese, good company and a nice walk down memory lane! Probably a visit or two to the beach at West Bay, as well.

4. We can’t wait until February, when you play your first ever Belles and Gals gig! To anyone seeing you live for the first time, what can they expect?!–

I AM SO EXCITED TO BE A PART OF THIS EVENT. Please keep that in caps, so everyone knows the true extent of my enthusiasm. I can not get over just how incredible the Belles and Gal’s community is, or my fortune for having been welcomed so willingly into it. Getting to share a stage with so many of the artists that I have been following through Belles and Gals posts for at least the past year is going to be such a dream. This community is a family, and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

For anyone who hasn’t seen me perform: you can expect honesty, cheeky stories from behind the music and some optional audience participation! I will be playing a mix of released and unreleased tracks, and love to connect with audiences before, during and after the show. I can’t wait to meet you!!!

Tickets for the Belles and Gals Showcase II can be purchased here! –

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