Ashley Monroe Releases “Til It Breaks” from upcoming album “Rosegold”

Continuing to keep you updated with regard to Ashley Monroe’s forthcoming album ” Rosegold” due for release on April 30th ( today we have more information about the second song from the project “‘Til It Breaks” which has just been made available alongside the accompanying video. In this dreamy and very deep track Ashley reminds us how sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better, something she experienced first hand in her early teens after the passing of her father…”to get to the dawn of day you’ve got to cry through the night” . And who hasn’t hidden their feelings for whatever reason, putting on a brave face to the world or as she so beautifully puts it “wouldn’t know from the outside in, but you’re inside out“. Its lyrics will no doubt resonate with many for their own reasons, particularly in relation to the past year which has highlighted the need for resilience like no other year in living memory has.

The song was co-written by Ashley alongside Ashley Ray (who herself released a stunner of an album, “Pauline”, last year) and Ben West who also produced this track. Talking about the writing process, Ashley says that her collaborators are ” two of my favourite humans and writers on planet Earth. I had the ‘ et it melt away’ melody and lyric going, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to be written yet. this was RIGHT before the pandemic days, so I didn’t know how true and deep these words would hit me now. I forgot who said the hook line, but it stayed us all as soon as it was spoken. It’s one of those titles I can’t believe we got to write. I also had a dear friend on my mind during that time who was going through a dark season. Now when I listen, I am singing this message to myself too”.
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Article written by Lesley Hastings (
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