Daisy Clark Releases Brand New Single ‘I Don’t Look Like Her’

(Photo Credit: Daisy Clark, Facebook)

I’ve been a fan of Daisy since her cover of the Grease classic ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ went viral on Facebook a few years ago.

Since then, the Cornish singer/songwriter has released several singles, including a cover of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’, and her EP, ‘Once Upon A Time.’ When listening to these tracks, you can clearly see why she was awarded Best of British ‘Best Unsigned Female’ in 2017.

Today, Daisy has released a brand new single, titled ‘I Don’t Look Like Her’.

I have to say, I love the simplistic, acoustic production behind Daisy’s songs. The piano instrumental is very clean and not too crowded, focusing the listener on the rawness of her lyrics. The 20 year old’s gorgeous vocals accompany this effortlessly.

The lyrics are haunting and relatable, describing the situation you find yourself in when you subconsciously compare yourself to another woman. Upon listening, I can imagine myself standing in front of another woman and feeling insecure.

This song demonstrates the artist’s ability to open up and express vulnerability in her writing. In particular, I adore the lyric “Daisies don’t compare to a rose”. This is a very clever use of metaphor, as it not only reflects her inner monologue, but of course uses her own name to amplify the emotive.

Overall I think this is an outstanding track which showcases Daisy as a musician.

Watch Daisy’s covers on YouTube here.

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