‘Dirt On My Knees’, the new EP from Katie O’Malley – Out Friday!

This Friday sees the release of ‘Dirt On My Knees‘, the new EP from Katie O’Malley. Manchester based Katie describes the sound of her and her band as a mix of Americana, Blues & Rock, allowing for a modern vibe inspired by a 1970’s sound.

The EP opens with ‘Taste the Dirt‘, which has an edgy and energy-infused feel to it from the get go, with those rock influences shining through. The singer has a distinctive soulful force that has a real power to it, and this is shown off perfectly in the opener. It’s a song about knockbacks and finding the willpower to get back up again, and this is highlighted by both the lyrics and the punchy nature of the production. Catchy too, you’re immediately tuned in and looking forward to track two.

The ‘Devil’s Got a Hold‘ title instantly makes you sit up and take notice, and you’re not disappointed. This is an eerie and mysterious number, built around a haunted house at the end of the street, inhabited by an equally mysterious girl. The song features glorious guitar work interspersing the building narrative from Katie, whose vocals take you back to that era she is so inspired by, with echoes of Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush in her delivery. A simply stunning track.

Traveller‘ is next up and is a heartfelt tale about life on the road as a musician and the difficulties that it can bring relationship wise. It’s a deeply engaging and emotive listen, where it’s clear that there are sacrifices to be made in being a musician, and how not everyone can get on board with that. ‘She won’t bring you any fun‘ is the aching lyric that brings the words to an end before the minute long outro that brings track 3 to a brilliant conclusion.

Feeling It‘ is the final track of the EP, rounding it off perfectly with a passionate, invigorating track with a chorus that hits you hard. I already get the vibe that this could be an outstanding live track. Check out the wonderful bridge of this song, which is a fine example of the vocal range and versatility that Katie emanates throughout.

Dirt On My Knees‘ is an outstanding EP from Katie O’Malley. It has power, it has passion and shows off the brilliant talents of an artist who is releasing music on her terms. The EP has an enduring appeal, that in this modern world of streaming, almost feels out of place. Sit back, pour a drink and soak this record in.

‘Dirt on My Knees’ is released this Friday and can be pre-ordered here – https://smarturl.it/8zha5h

About Katie O’Malley

A voice that pours with emotion and fills a venue, Katie O’Malley and her hip-swaying Americana band have played across the UK. Hailing from Manchester and proud northerners, they describe their sound as a mix of Americana, Blues & Rock. Their 70’s inspired music takes you on a journey of catchy melody to guitar heavy sounds and gravelly throttling vocals, giving an essence of Stevie Nicks brought in to modern day rootsy rock.

​Together, they have received airplay from Amazing radio USA, BBC Introducing UK, supporting top ten album selling Beth Rowley and country star Kimmie Rhodes.

Although these past couple of years have been a turbulent time for artists it’s not stopped Katie from releasing new music with the release of her third E.P ‘Wild West’ and new single ‘Devils Got a Hold’ being backed by Chris Country Radio and BCMA.

Katie also teamed up with Adam Lewis from Manchester band The Watchmakers together they created their song “Piece Of The Pie” which was featured on the hit Netflix film ‘Kissing Booth 2” gaining over 66 million views in its first few weeks of broadcast.

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