Dallas Remington Releases Gritty New Single “Dirty Roses”

Having last featured Kentucky born Dallas Remington in January to mark the release of “One Night Rodeo“, it’s great to bring you news of her latest single “Dirty Roses” which is available to stream/download now. 


And she definitely pulls no punches with her new release! Valentine’s is over, all of the chocolate has been eaten and most of the flowers have died. Dallas Remington has given us a song for all of those whose happy, loving relationships and Cupid-induced infatuations have since died as well. “You’ve been playing in the mud and everybody knows it, so don’t give me no “Dirty Roses.” This almost punk rock-country song is an upbeat, fierce anthem telling all of those cheaters and bad guys to get lost. “Dirty Roses” was co-written by Nancy Deckantand, Eric Mallona and Dallas Remington. The assertive song was recorded at Claw Sound Studios, produced by Corey Lawson and mastered by Harold Larue Mastering.
Sometimes being good doesn’t make up for being bad and that’s exactly what we wanted to say when we wrote ‘Dirty Roses!’ This song is so fun live and our studio band captured that perfectly with this almost punk-rock country anthem! Y’all crank it up!” exclaimed Dallas Remington.

Co-writer Nancy Deckant shared, “When we were working on the song, I remember thinking, ‘Sometimes there are things you just need to say without worrying about how it comes out.’  Thank you ‘Dirty Roses’ for showing up in the writer’s room today. You came to the right place.

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