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It’s been a long wait for a variety of reasons ( of course the BEST being the arrival of daughter Lucy… congratulations, Cam and Adam!) but we will finally be getting a new album from the incredible Cam very soon . It’s recently been announced that the Californian native’s sophomore album “The Otherside” will be released on 30th October via Triple Tigers Records and is available to pre-order now

Since bursting onto the country music scene in 2015 with the release of the critically acclaimed “Untamed” (which of course included her double-platinum Grammy, CMA and ACM-nominated hit single “Burning House”) Cam has been busy as both a songwriter and musician and has become known for taking risks and standing up for herself in an industry that does not always embrace such attributes.
Her writing credits include the 2015 Miley Cyrus album “Bangerz” , collaborating with Sam Smith on “Palace” for his 2017 album (joining him onstage at London’s O2 and on his 2018 North American tour), and teaming up with Diplo for last year’s debut single ” So Long” from Thomas Wesley. And of course 2017 saw the release of her stunning and empowering single “Diane” which has become a sing-a-long fan-favourite at all her shows.
Talking of live performances, anyone who has seen her will bear witness to her powerhouse vocals, engagement with her audience and the pure fun and energy she brings to the stage, whether that may be at the mother church of country music, The Ryman Auditorium ( where she opened for Harry Styles and more recently performed her debut-headline gig), a festival set or at one of her own shows throughout the globe.

The new eleven-track album, written over the last three years in LA, Nashville and NYC, has already yielded several releases, including the sensual “Till There’s Nothing Left” and the very personal “Redwood Tree” which saw her reminiscing about her childhood, family, hopes and dreams. And most recently Cam shared her new single, the upbeat and very infectious  “Classic” , co-written and produced with Jack Antonoff (who seems to be incredibly in demand lately, working with artists including Taylor Swift and The Chicks) which tells of a relationship that transcends time and outlasts short-lived, ever-changing trends. Cam says of the writing process “Jack and I caught something in the air that day and ran with it. The track is so much fun. Jangling guitars, claps, it feels like when a group of familiar people get back together over the holidays, clanking around after dinner with too much wine, and amidst the chatter and laughter and closeness they are really telling each other, deep down, just how much they love each other”.

Of course the aforementioned “Diane” makes the track listing too, and “The Otherside” already looks like being one of the most exciting album releases of 2020. | | Instagram: @CamCountry | Twitter: @CamCountry
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