Bailey James Releases New Single “Mama Says”

We’ve been watching the career of Nashville-based teenager Bailey James with great interest for several years here at Belles and Gals. Her all-round talent belies her years, her strong, emotional soulful vocals being particularly impressive. It’s already been a busy year for her which has included the release of several singles , the latest of which “Mama Says” dropped last Friday.

This tongue-in cheek write was a collaboration between Bailey and Stephen Winnet with production by Leland Grant, the song further showcasing Bailey’s versatility and perfectly capturing her attitude and energy. Cleverly blending retro doo-wop, pop and country music, it features a ’60s inspired harmony, brass instrumentation as well as very contagious slap beats… we will be finding out more about its inspiration (along with all Bailey’s other news!) in our upcoming interview which sees us catching up with this very exciting artist.

Article written by Lesley Hastings (


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