Spotlight on Carli Ann Tuttle

It’s always fantastic to feature a new artist for the first time on Belles and Gals, so I’m delighted to introduce Carli Ann Tuttle. Carli is a 20 year old country singer from Melbourne Beach, Florida and is currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s been an exciting time for the singer recently (amidst the strange times we’re all living through), as her latest single,  ‘Single Mom’ was released. The track paints a picture of a single mum living at home alone with two children. The song has wonderfully descriptive lyrics, touching on the lost dreams of the central character, but ultimately becoming a message about how powerful and inspirational parents bringing up children alone can be. Lyrics such as ‘She’s a single mom, needs a heart of stone, can’t break down, can’t let it show’ and ‘She cries at night, but she lives her life, knowing she’s doing something right, when she looks in her baby’s eyes‘. Carli’s emotive vocals shine in the song, creating a track that pulls at the heartstrings and has you on the side of the parent in question.

Having listened to Carli Ann Tuttle’s music, I’m hugely excited to see what comes next from the US artist – a big future awaits.

Single Mom is a follow up to ‘That Girl’, Carli Ann Tuttle’s 2019 release. You can stream all of Carli’s music below:


Carli Ann Tuttle




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