Belles and Gals Live Spotlight #3 – Emily Frith

This weekend we’re hosting our ‘Belles and Gals’ showcase event at the Water Rats in London. Here is the first of four ‘spotlight’ pieces, featuring each of the artists who are performing.

In today’s piece we’re spotlighting Emily Frith! Emily is an artist that we first featured over two years ago now. Hailing from Essex, but currently studying in Norwich, Emily garnered a fantastic following on social media and would regularly feature original material to much acclaim. This led to the release of her first E.P. ‘One Day’ around a year ago. Check out ‘You and I’ from the E.P. below:

Emily released her new single ‘Better’ back in August, which she described as ‘brand new song, a brand new sound and a brand new single!’ and we at Belles and Gals called ‘fantastic slice of country pop’. Listen to the song below:

Emily is performing alongside Hannah Paris, Lucy Grubb and Shannon Hynes this Sunday at the Water Rats in London! Get your tickets here –

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