Remember Monday Release New Single “What I Know Now”

It’s been wonderful to watch the exciting journey that Remember Monday have been on in recent years, Belles and Gals correctly citing them as “artists to watch” back in 2017 when the trio were known as Houston. We sponsored the launch of their EP “Manuscripts” the following March, and although they may have changed their name since then what has remained constant is the talent, work ethic and enthusiasm of all three band members. Lauren Byrne, Holly-Anne Hull and Charlotte Steele are all wonderful artists in their own right but it’s when they get together that the magic really happens. Having known one another and performed together since they were at school, there is a very special bond and understanding between them all which is practically akin to siblings. As Remember Monday they have performed at venues and festivals throughout the UK and of course made it through to the televised knockout stages of The Voice, as well as releasing several singles including their recent interpretation of Queen’s fun classic “Fat Bottomed Girls“.
But for their new single, “What I Know Now”, released last Friday and given its first radio play a few days ago by Absolute Radio Country DJ Matt Spracklen, they have opted for another fantastic original song penned by Lauren. Drawing on her own experiences, it deals with the serious subject of teenage bullying and will no doubt be very relatable to many who have felt insecure and alone at any time in their life. I love that it has an ultimately uplifting message, things aren’t always going to be that way and most importantly ” don’t be scared to stand out in the crowd“.

Lauren explains that she wrote the song back in 2018 while Remember Monday were performing on The Voice UK …they were having the best time as they were spending every day together working on new music with new and amazing people. It made her think back to her school days, when she says “I’d always felt very much like an outsider, and after some pretty horrific bullying I kind of thought I wouldn’t really ever meet people who understood me“. The song is the message she wishes she could have sent to her 13 year old self “to tell her how much better life would get. That’s what this song is really. And if I can’t go back in time and tell MY younger self, maybe this song can be that for someone else going through a similar thing right now.
Against minimal accompaniment, the song begins with Lauren, Holly-Anne and Charlotte each demonstrating their solo vocal abilities as they tell how tough it is for a thirteen year old when your mother doesn’t understand what you want out of life and “the girls at school try to knock you down” . The soaring chorus sees Remember Monday’s trademark harmonies showcased so beautifully, its lyrics seeking to reassure… “the girls that call you names have their own scars….wish I could tell my younger self what I know now”. When it comes to the second verse, despite things moving on a couple of years there’s still a lot of insecurities to navigate, and doubts in your head stop you trying to be the person you want to be deep down. I particularly love the lines about wanting to get away, but not being able to drive and not knowing where you’d go anyway! But there’s more reassurance to come, don’t worry, one day you’ll do yourself proud.
I must also mention the gorgeous background vocals/harmonies throughout the track too, together with its very effective dynamics, the uncertainties voiced so delicately in the verses contrasting perfectly with the uplifting advice which hindsight has provided.
What a great release in every way, and as Lauren has said, how wonderful would it be if the important messages contained within “What I Know Know” can help allay similar feelings and fears in others.
Download/stream the single here
Congratulations are also in order as Remember Monday have just been announced as playing two sets at Buck’ N Bull’s Southern Saturdays in London on September 18th… one acoustic at brunch – time followed by one with their full band later on. Let’s hope its the first of many gig announcements to come from the trio.
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