‘Out of the Blue’ from Robbie Harte – Out Now!


Today we’re delighted to feature Robbie Harte for the first time, with her new single ‘Out of the Blue’. This is the third single from Robbie’s debut EP ‘I of the Storm’ and is described as:

Summer vibes and a song about taking chances and finding love is definitely one you must hear from Robbie. A different style than what we have yet heard; this song proves that Robbie has a versatile and special way of telling a story, drawing the listener in and leaving us wanting to hear more


Like any good country song, ‘Out of the Blue’ tells a story, and this track bucks the genre’s trend of being about heartbreak. Robbie Harte tells the story of taking that chance, and the love of her life coming out ‘out of the blue’. The song does have a wonderful country vibe, Robbie’s emotive vocals perfectly expressing the narrative of the track. In listening, you can almost feel yourself getting caught up in that feel good vibe, sharing the enthusiasm with the singer- the perfect song for an intimate outdoor setting, sat around in a circle under the summer sun.

About Robbie Harte

Robbie Harte is a New York-based singer/songwriter,originally from Montreal, Canada. Her unique style is described by fans as compelling, inspirational, and powerful. As a young girl, Robbie always dreamed of being a professional singer. But that dream was puton hold twelve years ago after a life-changing injury left her in chronic pain, resulting in the loss of her ability to sing. Ultimately however, it was music that helped her heal the most. She credits music for soothing her soul and giving her the strength and determination to push through, even during the most difficult times. It was music thatgave Robbie a voice, which she is now determined to use to uplift and inspire.Three years ago, Robbie was compelled to follow her dream to sing,no matter how difficult it may be. She was inspired and motivated bythe desire to show her young daughter (who was diagnosed with Autism) that a disability should never stop her from chasing her dreams. Her soulful voice and heartfelt original songs connect with listeners everywhere.


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