Emilia Quinn Releases Her New Single, “Games”

Emilia Quinn is back with her new single, “Games.” We caught up with her for an interview to get the scoop. 

“Games is out everywhere now. You can listen on your favorite download or streaming platform.


Emilia Quinn Interview

Hi, Emilia. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy release week to chat with Belles & Gals. Can you start by sharing what music means to you?

Sounds cliché but music is everything to me haha! First and foremost it’s something that just makes me feel alive and whole as a person. As a songwriter it’s a major therapy tool, it’s how I process things in my life and it just happens that some of the songs are good enough to release and connect with other people. That’s also something music is to me, a social tool.

The music you create is very close to your heart. How does it feel sharing such truthful and authentic songs with the world?

It’s a bit scary to be honest! But watching people enjoy the song when I play it live or hearing how they’ve connected with it and how it resonates with them is so so rewarding. I have something to say and if only one person listens then I class it as a win.

All About “Games”

Your new single, “Games,” is such a fun and feisty one. What inspired this song?

The song came form shared experiences myself and my co-writer Finola had. People thinking they could walk all over us, only get the best of us but ghost when times got tougher. I’m not one for drama, causing it or being dragged into. Finola is quite an independent person too so we fell into this type of song really easily.

Do you have a favorite lyric from “Games?” What is it and why?

I think it’s either ‘I’m packing up my leather heart and skipping this town’ or the key line in the song ‘ Don’t play games with a girl who plays better’. The first one because it’s a way of saying I’m taking away my hardened heart from a bad situation, or reflects being guarded and not easily messed with.

The hook is what the whole is built around and it’s just such a strong and empowering line. You feel like a real badass singing it.

What is the message you would like listeners to take away from “Games?”

Don’t let people get the best from you and run away when you aren’t at your best. Those aren’t true friends and even though they might come crawling back when you flourish and thrive, don’t let them in, they don’t deserve to enjoy your sunshine.

How did this collaboration with FINOLA come to be? What is your favorite memory from the collaboration process?

So this collaboration was my first ever co-write and I did it with Finola because we had been friends for a while and so it was nice to start writing with someone I knew and was familiar with. She was so patient with me and really supported me as she had co-written before and had more experience! 

I think my favourite memory was when we first started penning the opening lines, they just happened and that’s generally when I know a song will be good. It’s was exciting and really sparked something great.

“Games” was your first co-write. What is the biggest lesson you learned from this co-writing experience?

It’s not actually that scary! Especially if you’re writing with someone you know before-hand. You don’t have to do the awkward introduction type stuff and try to get to know each other in a short space of time.

Is co-writing something you’d like to do more of in the future?

It’s something I have carried on doing and I am looking forward to more co-writing sessions.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with all the aspiring songwriters out there?

Just be you, don’t put pressure on yourself to write a certain song or in a certain way. Write whatever comes out, you can refine it later and even if you never use it, it will still serve a purpose. Practise, finding inspiration or just working out some feelings.

What’s Next for Emilia Quinn

Belles & Gals and the rest of the world are so excited to hear what is coming next. Is there any news you can share about what is on the horizon for your music journey?

Haha I always get asked this and think isn’t one upcoming release enough?? Haha 

I can’t really say much other than don’t expect more of the same…


We’re so excited to listen to “Games,” and we’re definitely staying tuned for what’s next for Quinn. Head over to her website to stay up to date with all her exciting news.

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