Bluebirds and Rye – The Official Video from Kate Ellis

Today we are delighted to feature the official video for ‘Bluebirds and Rye’ from UK based American Kate Ellis. We’ve featured Kate on the site many times before and Kate has also headlined a Belles and Gals show in the past, so we’re always excited what comes next from the Americana star. And in the video for ‘Bluebirds and Rye’, those excitement levels were more than justified.

The video is simply a sumptuous work of art, where the song and the visuals work in perfect harmony together. Kate’s emotive and compelling vocals have that incredible ability of simply drawing you in, and the accompanying video only makes you more immersed in the story. That theme of the video is about sending a message to a young girl, telling her that yes, life can be tough, but she’ll be able to get through it. 

In a recent interview for, Kate stated the following about the song:

I wrote this for my daughter who, like me, is an emotional girl. This is my letter to her telling her I know what she’s going through, and it can feel hard, but everything’s going to be fine in the end. The song is about recognising the patterns in myself that I can see getting passed on, and the pitfalls of certain emotional pathways that I know from experience you want to avoid. I wanted to tell her: just take a breath and find a moment of rest. All there is is love and peace, everything else is in your head. This is what’s important so don’t worry about the other stuff; it’s all going to be ok.

If you watch one music video this week, make it this one.

Video credits go to Nicky Ackland-Snow’s for the gorgeously illustrated collage and Sophie Marsh’s standout animation.

About Kate Ellis

Kate’s southern country-folk roots come from her father who was an important early musical influence – he once played guitar with Hank Williams on the famous Louisiana Hayride, where Elvis and Johnny Cash started out.

Kate’s emotional and seductive vocals take you into a world of private beauty, reflection and feelings. The music is always intimate and evocative – you listen and want to be there.

“I hope that whatever people get from the music, they’ll be moved. I hope that they’ll find something that is beautiful and truthful. I don’t think that you can connect with any real emotion without truth.”

A journalist for the Observer said: “Kate Ellis writes hauntingly beautiful songs, I’m a fan!”

“Carve Me Out” was the debut record from Kate Ellis, her forthcoming sophomore album is called “Spirals”.

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