Hannah White releases Heart-Wrenching ‘Car Crash’ Single


Today I’m delighted to feature Hannah White and her stunning new single ‘Car Crash‘.

The song is an incredibly difficult listen, as you find yourself hearing the heartbreaking narrative of a mother who is potentially about to have their child taken away. The song is harrowing as Hannah’s emotive and almost pleading vocals draw you in deeply to the story. The ‘Car Crash’ title refers to that desperate situation – ‘I’m clutching the wheel in desperation but it’s not gonna save me‘, as she feels herself careering into the traumatic and distressing situation.

It’s engrossing, captivating and you can’t help feel the helplessness and pain of the singer in those words. The song was written by Hannah based on a real life experience when she was younger and homeless with a child. Although the situation was resolved, it’s clear that revisiting the experience in a song must have been gut-wrenching and in Hannah’s own words, the song was ‘A Terrifying Release‘.

If you listen to one song in 2022, it has to be this one.

This new track is the first track to be released from her upcoming and much-anticipated ‘About Time‘ album. The album is a significant one for Hannah, as it marks her debut co-producing her own work, which she completed with her husband Keiron Marshall. The album is due for release in May 2022.

Listen to ‘Car Crash‘ below:


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