Review: Emily Faye Releases “When It Comes to Leaving”

“When it comes to leaving, all I wanna do is stay.” ~ Emily Faye

Emily Faye is back with a track that’s a must-listen. The rising UK-based country-pop artist released her latest single, “When It Comes to Leaving,” on May 27, 2022.

Listen to the stunning single here.

When It Comes to Leaving by Emily Faye Artwork

“When It Comes to Leaving” was co-written with Jess Thristan over Zoom during the pandemic. Faye got the opportunity to bring this song to life with Tim Prottey-Jones, and they achieved an outstanding Stevie Nicks inspired sound, which is special to Faye, as the superstar is a great inspiration to her. 

“When It Comes to Leaving” was inspired by the feelings that come with saying goodbye. When the time comes to leave, “all you want to do is stay.” No matter who someone is or where they live in the world, this single holds a beautiful universal quality. Everyone faces goodbyes, so “When It Comes to Leaving” is that song that will be there to bring comfort to all who need it.

This track captures Faye’s fearlessness in showing vulnerability and honesty in her songwriting. Though the message of “When It Comes to Leaving” is a universal one, it stems from very personal roots for the talented songwriter: “This song has given me great comfort in the times I’ve had to say goodbye to my loved ones, which is rather often due to my fiance living in Jersey Channel Islands, and my family living in England.”

Faye hopes that this song means something special to her listeners worldwide, as they experience goodbyes in their lives. She said, “I hope it gives you comfort in your goodbyes and also gets stuck in your head.”

“When It Comes to Leaving” definitely strikes the balance between comforting and catchy. Faye’s emotional vocals color lyrics with a universal truth that has the ability to touch hearts. At the same time, the uptempo and lively production and memorable melodic motifs and repetition bring a quality of hope and positivity. Faye doesn’t shy away from authenticity, but she also shows the realization that even in goodbyes, she’ll be okay.

Faye dropped “When It Comes to Leaving” at the perfect time. The infectious vibe is excellent for summertime. Whether you’re going on vacation, leaving friends at university for the summer, or finding yourself in other situations that lead to goodbyes, let this song be a companion to bring you hope and put a smile on your face.

If you’d like to check out Faye’s website, socials, and more, head over to her linktree.

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