Ingrid Andress To Release Sophomore Album “Good Person” On August 26th… New Song “Pain” Out Now

Like so many of us, the past couple of years has been a time of self-examination and soul – searching for Ingrid Andress which has already become apparent from the two singles she has released recently from her upcoming sophomore album “Good Person” , available in its entirety on August 26th (pre-order here . This highly anticipated follow up to the Grammy nominated ” Lady Like” finds the Nashville based artist  digging even deeper than on her highly reflective and confessional debut, with Ingrid both co-writing and co-producing all twelve tracks.
Ingrid explains “Making this album was one of there most painful processes I’ve ever been through, but it was also the brightest and the best. The first album was me trying to discover who i was as an artist, but the last two years forced me to really sink into what my reality was and what I was feeling. It led me to what this album is, which is me realising I wasn’t happy and that I need to fix it. This album not only helped me grow as a person, but also as a producer I realised how scared a lot of people are to push boundaries and how I am not, that’s my bread and butter. Isn’t that the goal, to discover new things? What are we doing her if we’re not trying to make new art?“.

There’s a further taste of what we can expect from the project courtesy of the track “Pain” which is available now, another stunner of a song which sees Ingrid speaking to a past version of herself, reminding her that pain is a necessary and inevitable part of growing. It ultimately helps us realise which parts of our lives need changing the most, with Ingrid describing the track as in a way being “the crux of the album, transitioning from the dark to the light”. The dramatic accompanying video follows her through a stormy period of self-reflection and sees her eventually discovering a budding flower, an metaphor for the new beginnings that pain eventually leads to.

Ingrid is currently sitting in the Top 25 at country radio with the fan favourite single “Wishful Drinking” featuring Sam Hunt which has garnered over 130 million global streams, and she will be joining Keith Urban for his 52-date North American “The Speed Of Now World Tour”. 
Good Person Track List 
1. Good Person (Ingrid Andress/ Steph Jones / Sam Ellis) 
2. Yearbook (Ingrid Andress / Pete Good / Shane McAnally /Derrick Sutherland)
3. Seeing Someone Else  (Ingrid Andress/ Derrick Southerland / Jesse Erasure )
4. Talk (Ingrid Andress / Alex Stacey / Tommy Gee / David Fremberg / Mich Hansen)
5. How Honest Do You Want Me to Be?  (Ingrid Andress / Sam Ellis / Derrick Sutherland)
6. No Choice (Ingrid Andress / AJ Pruis / Derrick Southerland) *
7.  Pain  (Ingrid Andress / Laura Veltz / Sam Ellis)
8. Feel Like This (Ingrid Andress / Julia Michaels / Sam Ellis )
9. Blue (Ingrid Andress / Sam Ellis / Derrick Southerland / Shane McAnally)
10. Falling For You (Ingrid Andress / Derrick Southerland / Sam Ellis )
11. All the Love (Ingrid Andress / Derrick Southerland / Sam Ellis )
12. Things That Haven’t Happened Yet  (Ingrid Andress / Derrick Southerland / Sam Ellis )
( All tracks produced by Ingrid Andress & Sam Ellis apart from * Ingrid Andress & AJ Pruis) 
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Article written by Lesley Hastins (

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