Lucy May Walker’s makes national radio impact with the heartbreaking ‘The Hardest Goodbye’

You never quite now when or how a song will make an impact. ‘The Hardest Goodbye‘ from Lucy May Walker was released in early October, but I heard it for the first time this week when Lucy was interviewed by Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2. I’d randomly seen Lucy busking in London a little while back and she’d made an immediate impression, so it was great to hear her appear on national radio.

The song is about miscarriage and the hurt, devastation and sorrow it can cause in people’s lives. It’s an area that has touched so many and from personal experience the song encapsulates some of those feelings perfectly. The song came about when Lucy was asked to write about the subject by someone who had sadly gone through a miscarriage – expressing that there wasn’t really a song that highlighted the subject and could help with that process of loss and grieving that follow.

‘The Hardest Goodbye’ is an incredible and emotional listen from the first note, as you share the first the joy of pregnancy, then the devastation and trauma that follows. Lucy handles this difficult subject brilliantly, with delicate and compelling lyrics such as ‘Our hearts once were aligned, but soon they fell out of time and I would have given you mine, if I could do anything‘ and ‘I held you for every second of your life and I’ll love you for every moment of mine‘. The accompanying video to the song is just as powerful, with people telling you their real life stories.

Go and stream ‘The Hardest Goodbye’ on your format of choice by hitting the following link:

In releasing the song, Lucy teamed up with Tommys, an organisation that fund research into miscarriage, premature birth & stillbirth and provide free pregnancy health information to parents-to-be.

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