Boo Ray – Sea of Lights

The second song we’re featuring on our male weekend is Boo Ray with “Sea of Lights”. Boo Ray hails from North Carolina and spends his time between Nashville, Tennessee, Los Angeles, California and Athens, Georgia and you can hear it in his music.

 “Sea of Lights” is the title song from his fifth album and this is what he says about the album:

 “Sea Of Lights is important to me. I’ve been working with these guys for ten years doing one-offs and single-track jobs, and we’re all great friends. We got together and cut this new record live-to-tape, everybody standing in the room together with sound baffles & Persian rugs as isolation. We cut 10 songs in 2 days and just had a damned ball doing it!  I’m not writing to impress the aficionados or experts. It’s a trucker album, it’s a party album, and I hope it’s a good album to play cards to and a good road trip album.”

Boo Ray:




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