Donna Marie – Single Review – This World – a timely and thoughtful track for our time

Donna Marie is a popular and seasoned artist on the UK Country scene and known for her warm tones and songwriting skills, capturing the traditional country themes that listeners relate to. Based in Warrington in the North West England, Donna has been touring with the very successful theatre show ‘A Country Night In Nashville‘ to sell out audiences all over the UK as a musician and lead singer for several years now, as well as writing, producing and releasing her own music.

Donna’s latest release is a thoughtful piece exposing a timely shared feeling about the state of our world and how we have impacted it over time. In this way “This World” departs from traditional country subject matter at the heart of country music and acts as a wake-up call to listeners about what’s happening and whether we are all ready to take collective action to change. Written a few years ago, over the recent UK lockdown Donna took up her guitar to revamp the song and record it to share in this very uncertain time where we are all having more time to reflect.

As ever Donna showcases her soft rounded vocals and musicianship on this track to bring together a thought provoking vibe, with traditional instrumentation (bass, guitar and drum programming) and a light touch production providing the space to enjoy the beautiful melodies and meaning of the words. The track has an easy going, soothing feel perfect for those introspective moments.


The second verse begins with

“So what now, how do we even try to turn this around?

And the sun is burning brighter than it ever has done,

If we look into the mirror can we even live with ourselves?”

You can catch Donna on her regular live streams on her Facebook page. Throughout the UK lockdown Donna, Tennessee Twin and Sarah Yeo formed a group calling themselves The Songs and Stories Collective performing a series on online gigs and recorded their own version of Lori McKenna’s song “Humble & Kind”. Donna’s been venturing out lately, performing at the recent outdoor music venues but with the future now uncertain again this new track is sure to resonate with many listeners and I am sure there will be opportunity to see her perform this beautiful new track live online very soon.


Review by Ann Kenney (

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