Tera Lynne Fister Releases Compassionate New Single “I Understand (I Will Never Understand)”

St Louis native Tera Lynne Fister is now turning heads and getting the attention she deserves in Nashville where she has been living, writing and performing for the last eight years… and not just because of her bright pink hair and multiple tattoos! No, this rising country star with her psychedelic honky-tonk sass style is gaining a reputation as someone who writes with empathy and compassion, as well as being a fantastic live performer who loves communicating with her fans. The variety of musical genres she was exposed to while growing up are reflected in her own music which she describes as “sassy, honest, raw and healing”.
Last Friday saw the release of her latest single “I Understand (I Will Never Understand)” which follows on from her 2019 debut single “Hell Raiser” and this year’s “Scars”. Inspired by these strange and uncertain times in which we are living , Tera hopes it will help bring unity, acceptance and support to everyone. Featuring honky tonkin’ troubadour Graham Nancarrow, the song was co-written by the pair alongside John Bollinger after the three had a conversation about the state of the world. ” This song was written out of desperation”, explains Fister. ” We could never grasp the pain of those outside of out race, sexual orientation, and nationality. So what can we do? What should we do? Silence fell upon the writing room. We will use our voices and talents to extend love, peace and active support”. She continues ” We have ears to listen. We have hands to help. We have voices to raise the decibel of your needs and share your stories. And we understand we will never understand. I believe in music more than anything. Music can change the world”.

The single is currently available on all digital platforms including Spotify,Apple Music, and more.
Visit Tera Lynne Fister at her website and follow along with her on InstagramTwitter andFacebook.
Article written by Lesley Hastings (twitter.com/lesleyhastings)
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