Motel Sundown’s ‘Chicago’ – Out Now

Motel Sundown are an Americana/Folk Rock band based out of Liverpool made up of Karen Turley, Naomi Campbell and Rob Johnson (from left to right in the image). Eagle-eyed Belles and Gals followers might recognise band member Karen, who we have featured twice on the site as a solo artist. The trio recently released their debut single ‘Chicago’ and it’s a simply fantastic debut. The track has a real classic feel and it was no surprise to see they name the likes of Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles amongst their influences in listening to it.  This debut track  is a regretful song looking back on the good times in Chicago, with lyrics such as ‘The sun had a smile on its face that day in Chicago, the moon showed up in the night with a tear in its eye‘ telling the story of the song. The instrumentation is excellent, with the almost mournful slide guitar working some real magic, while the emotive vocals grab you from the first word.

Listen to the song below:

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