Demi Marriner’s ‘Don’t You Worry’ Out Now

Demi Marriner is an artist who we’ve featured since pretty much the start of Belles and Gals and it’s been incredible to see her progress in the last few years. Demi has evolved into one of the leading lights of the UK Americana/country music scene and it was fantastic to learn that her debut album is on the way!

Above is the first instalment from that album – ‘Don’t You Worry’. It’s a lovely track with a real classic feel, with Demi’s strong and crystal clear vocals drawing you in to the ode to a friend/loved one/family member. 

It’s been an incredible few months for Demi and having seen her play live in Norwich recently, it’s not difficult to see why. Therefore it was little surprise to see the captivating UK artist featuring in her own Showcase at AmericanafestUK in just three weeks time! All who will be attending will have a lot to look forward to.

Look out for more content from Demi as the album release nears!

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