Brandy Clark – Stripes

Today is another ‘takeover’ Sunday on Belles and Gals and this week Twitter user Jeri Smith ( made the two brilliant sections. Her second choice is the brilliant Brandy Clark with ‘Stripes’ this is what she had to say:

‘At first glance one might mistake this video as a sexier more country version of “orange is the new black”. Listen further and there is no mistaking the witty song writing talents of Brandy Clark. Stripes is cowritten by Matt Jenkins and Shane McAnally. I like this song because it speaks of things that do run through a woman’s head when she imagines a lover cheating on her. Clark boasts, “I could fall in love with a prison guard I could sell cigarettes in the prison yard..” Sounds like prison might not be too bad at all if it weren’t for the terrible uniforms. She does have a point. “No crime of passion worth a crime of fashion. I don’t look good in orange and I hate stripes”.’

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