Ward Thomas – Boomerang (Review) by Laura Klonowski

Record breaking Country duo Ward Thomas this week released their fourth single from their number 1 album ‘Cartwheels’. The latest track to be lifted from the record making LP is the toe-tapping ‘Boomerang’, the upbeat song  all about knowing you should leave a relationship behind but not being able to actually let go and move on. The song is a particular fan favourite and seems like a natural choice for the next official single, following ‘Carry You Home’, ‘Guilty Flowers’, and the title track ‘Cartwheels’. ‘Boomerang’ is one of the best songs on a fantastic album and has a very pop based chorus which works very well with the country tones of twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy.

‘Boomerang’ is another wonderful single from Ward Thomas! Rating 5/5.

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