Interview with Olivia Lane (conducted by Nathalie Larsen)


Hi Olivia! 2016 has been quite the year for you! Let’s start with your absolutely brilliant, self-titled EP that came out on July 29. Some of the tracks fans would have already discovered through you self-released acoustic LP Heart Unlocked, but others were completely new. What’s the reception been like on the road? Which has been your favourite song to perform?

First off, thanks so much for listening to my music! Taking this new EP out on the road and playing it for fans and new fans has been incredible! I feel like this EP was a good introduction of who I am as an artist and my message. We just revamped the live show for 2017 and ‘My Heartache’ is one of my favorites to perform because it has some drama to it.

You definitely have quite the social media presence where you stand out for taking a lot of time to connect with fans – I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end on twitter a few times! You’ve actually been using your EP single “Make My Own Sunshine” to create a bit of a social media movement too. What’s the Sunshine Movement all about?

Social media is a great way to connect one on one with your fans, I totally love having that opportunity. The Sunshine Movement is about posting anything that brings you or someone else joy or positivity. My goal is to block some negative news with positive news. I want to be an artist that hopefully brings a little light to the world. 

Amazingly, you’ve co-written all but one of the songs off your EP. What do look for in a song that you haven’t written yourself? Are there any country songs out there where you think I’d wish I’d written that one?  

The first time I listen to it, it has to hit me emotionally. That’s always first. Then, I have to be able to sing it and relay it to my fans, that’s second. The emotion and lyrics are key. 

In November 2015, Rolling Stone Magazine saved the best to last on their list of “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know”. It must have given you great confidence for 2016 to be named on that list! Was this an “I’ve made it moment”?

This was an absolute bucket list moment for sure! It was kind of a reassuring pat on the back from the industry. 

Our site Belles and Gals is all about celebrating the best in female country music, and I know you share the passion for promoting #galpower on the country music scene. Can you tell us a little bit about the Diva Jam initiative that you hosted this year during CMA fest?

Yes! 2017 will be the fourth year we do DivaJam at CMAfest and it’s been so successful each year! I’ve met some incredible female artists living in Nashville and I wanted to have an event completely supporting ladies in music where we all come together and play some tunes together. I have big dreams for it to grow to a bigger venue or even take DivaJam on a national tour!

In the past you’ve opened for great artists and performers such as Kip Moore and Frankie Ballard. How did this prepare you for touring on your own? Did you pick up any tips along the way?

Whenever I open for someone I respect (like Kip and Frankie) I always make a point to stand side stage and watch their performance. It’s almost like I’m getting a free a master class in performing. It helps me with ideas for my live show and how to be a better artist to learn from those who have been doing it for a while.

And I’ve got to mention. It might just be a coincidence, but both Kip Moore and Frankie Ballard hopped across the pond to visit us in 2016. Any chance you’ll come over to the UK as well, in 2017? 

I WANT TO SO BADLY! I’ve been on my team to make it happen, I sure hope so!

Thanks so much for the interview! Apart from a potential visit we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for then, to finish off, what can we expect from Olivia Lane in 2017?

I’ll be out touring the whole year with my new live show which I’m SO excited to perform! Also I’ll be doing living room shows for those fans who entered and won my ‘She Fits Tour’ contest, which will be so fun. New music is on the way as well 🙂 

Interview conducted by Nathalie Larsen

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