Máiréad releases ‘Searching for Ghosts’

Just last month we named Máiréad as one of the three new Belles and Gals ambassadors and today we’re delighted to feature her new single ‘Searching For Ghosts’. The track is simply fantastic, showcasing both the incredible vocals of the Irish singer songwriter and the songwriting ability. We caught up with Máiréad this week to chat about the release!

Hi Mairead, your debut single ‘Searching for Ghosts’ is just brilliant. Can you give us an insight into how the song came about?

Of course!! I wrote this song with a lovely friend and producer called Jacky Gourlay. I went into the studio that day to work on another song I had written and we just sort of said shall we do something brand new?! We finished the song within a few hours and started recording that day!

And tell us how high your excitement levels are with the release of the song?

I’m so so excited to finally release this track! Yay! Getting a song ready is hard work and doesn’t happen overnight. I wanted the song to be really contemporary and atmospheric whilst still staying true to my Irish roots. Kris Demetriou added some beautiful fiddle for me and I feel it took the track to a whole new level.

For anyone who hasn’t heard you before, tell us a little about your music and which artists have influenced you?

I’ve grown up on Irish/Celtic music. I love artists like Mary Black, Enya, Cara Dillon and Cristy Moore. I absolutely love Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rimes. I’ve actually been described as an Irish LeAnn Rimes quite a few times before which I am super happy about! It’s the story telling and raw emotion in country music that just pulls me in.

To finish, tell us where we can download the single, and where can we find you on social media?

So you can find me on Facebook and Instagram as @maireadmusic and my single is available on all music platforms this Friday 21st June!

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