Spotlight on Hannah Rose Platt


Today I feature our second spotlight piece of the week, where I take a closer look at the three artists appearing at Belles and Gals’ first ever live gig in Liverpool next Saturday night! Today the featured artist is Hannah Rose Platt, who will be performing in her hometown next weekend.

Hannah released her debut album ‘Portraits’ back in 2015, but I only became aware of it after starting this site last year. I adore the album and it was my most listened to record in the whole of 2016 according to Spotify. I remember the first time I listened to the album and being struck by the brilliant ‘1954’, a song that seems to start so innocently, but then hits you with an emotional sucker punch when you realise the true tale of the song.

‘Portraits’ is full of just fantastic stories in song that Hannah has put together, the title of the album just perfect, as every line Hannah sings is like another brush stroke that only adds to the overall image that you have in your mind. Another one of my favourite songs from the album is ‘Dancer’ where Hannah sings about a waitress, imagining her work in the restaurant/café bar as a performance. I was lucky enough to see this performed first hand, when Hannah came along to record Belles and Gals first ever live session in the middle of last year.

Hannah has started the process of making her new album which will be recorded in Nashville later in 2017. I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of three songs from the album just last Sunday (when she recorded another session) and if these three numbers are anything to go by, it’s going to be outstanding. The videos from that session are still in the production stage, but last year she did record ‘Brooklyn, New York’, a fantastic song about Irish immigrants living in New York, which may feature on the new album.

Next Saturday night you can see Hannah live in Liverpool, alongside Emma Moore and Samantha Lloyd. In my mind, they represent three of the very top country artists in the UK – if you’ve followed my pieces from the start, you’ll know how highly I rate all three, so it’s something of a dream line-up! To grab a ticket, click here – it’s also our first birthday at Belles and Gals, so the night will be something of a celebration too!

To find out more about Hannah Rose Platt, click her social links below and for a copy of ‘Portraits’, click here.

Hannah Rose Platt: Website, Twitter, Facebook



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