Miss Winter – C2C Interview

We’ve featured Miss Winter a number of times on Belles and Gals, so it was fantastic when I found out that they’d be appearing at C2C this year – they were an act I certainly wasn’t going to miss. I actually managed to see them twice on Friday, firstly on the Town Square and then upstairs in All Bar One the same evening.

Watching Miss Winter, you’ll love their energetic and joyful performances and it’s clear they absolutely love playing live. The Swedish trio were the first act I interviewed over the weekend when I caught up with them on Friday (I had planned to do all my interviews on Saturday, so a rookie error saw me not take my questions with me and then try to remember them on the fly – I got there eventually…!).

Miss Winter told me that at first they weren’t aware of C2C, but once they started looking into the festival, they really wanted to play there – when the question was asked, they couldn’t believe it and were so excited. My favourite song of theirs is ‘Mayfair Mistress’ (which incidentally they dedicated to Belles and Gals when they played it during the evening after the interview – thank you ladies!!) so I asked them about the song. “We started out with many lyrics, telling a story about a crazy woman, a character who you think ‘no one can do that’ but ‘she can do that!’.

I asked each member which artists had influenced them the most. Anna told me that Alison Krauss, Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris had all influenced her over the years, while Linda told me she had an eclectic mix of influences as wide as Bob Marley, The Sex Pistols, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, through to more country artists such as First Aid Kit, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton – ‘I’d been searching around and I came round to country when I grew up (laughs)’. Finally Jenny told me that she has always loved harmonies, while Carrie Underwood is an influence.

Anna, Linda and Jenny have been friends for many years and having been in the music industry as free lance musicians, they decided to get together – ‘We could do this!’ ‘We started planning it, feeling it, saying it, started writing, playing and jamming and our harmonies felt so right, and we have such different voices.’

The video above ‘Keys in Your Pocket’ recently won a worldwide music award, so I asked them about that. “We were like Oh My God, we couldn’t believe it. Sweden is a lovely music country, but the country music scene isn’t that big, so it was especially good for us’.

Miss Winter will be recording a new single when they get back to Sweden and then are planning a summer tour, whilst also writing more ‘stories’. I finally asked them if they were going to come back to the UK. ‘We hope so!’

We certainly hope so too!

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