Liv Austen releases ‘Injured Party’

We’ve been really excited to hear some new music from Liv Austen ever since she signed her record deal recently, and today we have our first glimpse with the release of ‘Injured Party’. We caught up with Liv and asked her all about the new song.

Hi Liv, You’ very got a new song out today,  and we hear it’s a little different from your previous releases. Tell us all about it!
So the song that is out today is called Injured Party. I wrote it with two amazing songwriters, Jess Sharman (with whom I write a lot) and Mary Erskine. Together they have a songwriting collective called Resolution, so I am the featured artist on the track. They released an EP today with four songs, mine being one of them. The other artists are fantastic too, and we’ve all had the opportunity to write and feature on songs that are a bit different from what we usually do. It was produced by Sam Featherstone who gave it such a cool and current sound that I’m really in to these days!
So how did the song come about?
Jess and Mary asked me to write with them and I was thrilled. I’ve written with both before, but not at the same time. They encouraged me to think differently about my songwriting in this setting, but we still had the country music approach of writing about real life and something that was on my mind.
Injured Party is about the kind of person who will always put themself in the position of being a victim; I’m sure most people have an experience with those. Jess, Mary and I all shared different stories of someone in our life who was doing that, and we had the idea of someone inviting you to an actual pity party, and “injured party” became a pun that we went with.
It’s funny how much my songwriting has changed in a short span of time. When we wrote this song a while ago I thought it would be very different from the rest of my music, but now that some of my new songs are coming together in the studio, I realise my current material is not miles away.
Finally tell us how we can download/buy the song.
You can stream/download the song (and the rest of the EP) here –
I’m excited to hear what people think of it! 
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