Munro – Sweet Sorrow

Today we’re delighted to feature Munro for the first time with “Sweet Sorrow”. Munro are a duo from Scotland made up of Jayne Murdoch (vocals) and Richard Smith (guitars and vocals). This song is the lead track from their debut EP ‘Coming Home’ which will be released on the 1st June (look out for our full review before then).

Jayne and Richard have been working together, writing and performing for many years and formed the award winning band ‘Hullabaloo’, developing a loyal and dedicated following, but sadly they would go their different ways, moving to opposite ends of the country. Jayne was diagnosed and treated for cancer in 2010 and with this came the realisation that the real love in her life was music and many of the songs Munro have written reflect moments from her difficult journey.

As you can see from the YouTube video above, “Sweet Sorrow” is one of those beautifully sad songs that bring out the best in country music, with the vocals of Jayne Murdoch really coming to the fore. And yes, without giving you a spoiler, the rest of the EP is every bit as good as this song.

Munro: Twitter, Facebook

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