SINGLE REVIEW: American Young’s ‘Eighteen’ – Laura K.

American Young are a US country music duo consisting of Kristy Osmuson and Jon Stone. This June will see the due release their brand new single ‘Eighteen’.
The track is a brilliant mid-tempo ballad about-you guessed it-wishing you were 18 again. And while the theme is rather generic the tones and vocals are quite beautiful.
Stone’s and Osmunson’s harmonies are something special and the track showcases their impressive lyrical and vocal talents. The song has a stunning guitar tune and is something you can imagine yourself relaxing in the sunshine listening to.
It has a very relaxing vibe and very authentic country tones. ‘Eighteen’ is possibly American Young’s best release to date and really builds excitement for what is to come from their next album.
There’s no denying that American Young are superemely talented and 2017 could very well see them have their most successful year. ‘Eighteen’ highlights all of their talents and shows zero flaws.
RATING: 4/5.
Review written by Laura K.
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