Shania Twain Confirms She Will Tour New Album! – Laura Klonowski

Since returning to the music industry back in June with the incredible ‘Life’s About To Get Good’, Shania Twain has seemed re-energised, and more in love with music than ever before. She has been promoting her upcoming album ‘Now’ which is first studio LP in 15 years, with a smile on her face, and happy vibes.
And for months she has been saying that fans can expect a new tour from her, but there had been no official confirmation of this news, despite Twain saying in several interviews that she will tour the US, Canada, the UK, and possibly more countries including the likes of Australia and Brazil.
But, the 51-year-old has now officially confirmed her tour news. The confirmation came during a Facebook viewing party of her 2003 UP! concert in Chicago. The watch party was in celebration of the gig’s 14-year anniversary.
It was during a Q and A session throughout the concert that Shania Twain confirmed that she will tour ‘Now’. She wrote: “My new album NOW is out September 29th and there will be a tour”, before adding: “I’m so excited to get back onstage for you guys”.
Full tour details are expected to be announced very soon with tickets due to go on sale this September.
We at Belles and Gals can’t wait to book our tickets!
Article written by Laura Klonowski
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