Hannah May Allison – Back on You

I’m delighted to feature Hannah May Allison on Belles and Gals for the first time today. Hannah is a country music artist who hails from Palo Alto, California and now resides in Nashville. Pursuing a full time career in music, Hannah is part of an up-and-coming songwriting group called SMASH:30—a company made up of five new artist/writers who play and write together and have been stirring a buzz around town.

“Back On You” is her first single since 2015.  The song is a seemingly upbeat pop rocker that in fact tells the story of a corrosive and destructive relationship the writer can’t summon the courage to escape. It is representative of her new catalogue of songs she has been working on with other top-flight Nashville writers since her last release that showcase the songwriter’s unsentimental, but achingly truthful, take on the world around her.

To take a listen yourself, click here – you’ll love this song!

For more information about Hannah May, head to hannahmayallison.com

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