Review of “Every Little Thing” from Carly Pearce by Liam Thomas

Carly Pearce’s hotly anticipated debut album has finally dropped and it surely lives up to the hype. When Carly released her first single, the title track of the album, it was immediately struck with raving reviews all expecting great things to come from the debut. ‘Every Little Thing’ was the perfect choice for the title track. The lyrics are a masterpiece on their own but when coupled with the slow, steady and heavy drum, grand piano and occasional string pieces, the song becomes a work of art. Carly’s voice adds to this with her emotion coming across strongly. “I’m haunted by the memories of every little thing.” Strikes a chord lyrically and sonically leading the listener into a serious emotional battle.

‘Hide the wine’ is a more upbeat song with a strong emphasis on the guitars we have become accustomed to in country pop. A great introduction to the album, I’m sure many will be able to relate to the sentiment of hiding the wine and avoiding the reduced inhibitions that come with a large amount of alcohol. I particularly enjoy the strong rhythmic drum that ensures that you’ll be tapping your feet along to the beat. (Just as I am when writing this!) Following this track is ‘Careless’, the perfect country pop blend which works well with Carly’s vocals. The song follows the trials and tribulations of loving someone, but then being heartbroken by their lack of inaction and appreciation. Before, you finally accept what has happened. ‘Everybody gonna talk’ is a strong song that Carly uses well to display her vocals and her strong character. A song that will not only empower you but is once again displays Carly’s ability to covey emotion through her music.

My favourite track on the album is ‘If My Name Was Whiskey’. A story of a broken heart and what could have been had things been different, I am seriously impressed. The soft drums with a hint of banjo, coupled with soft vocals and a strong story remind me why I fell in love with country music in the first place. This is definitely the high point of the album. The album continues to a strong end with ‘I need a ride home’ and ‘you know where to find me’ continuing the strong story telling element of the album. ‘Dare Ya’ provides a mid-tempo ending to the album after the trials and tribulations experienced throughout. Overall, ‘Every Little thing’ is a strong debut, perfectly produced by Busbee who seems to have perfected the art of producing strong major label debuts (Maren Morris’ ‘Hero’ is another notable example.) I am extremely impressed.

Album Rating: 4.5/5

Full tracklist:

1)Hide the Wine


3)Every Little Thing

4)Everybody Gonna Talk

5)Catch Fire

6)If My Name Was Whiskey


8)I Need A Ride Home

9)Doin’ It Right

10)Feel Somethin’

11)You Know Where To Find Me


13)Dare Ya

Review written by Liam Thomas

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