Maren Morris Tour Review – Bristol (reviewer – Liam Lewis)

Maren Morris – Hero tour 2017 – Anson Rooms, Bristol Student union – 18th November 2017

Grammy award winning artist Maren Morris has had an incredible year since the release of her debut album ‘Hero’. The album is a work of art and this tour has been the perfect opportunity for Maren to display her song writing and vocal abilities. Maren’s first visit to the UK was at C2C festival in 2016 and she has said that this was the moment she realised how powerful her music was as thousands of people sang along to her breakthrough single ‘My Church’.

Hitting the UK for her first headline tour, Maren was supported by her fiancé Ryan Hurd. He warmed the crowd up with hits such as ‘Love in a bar’ and his rendition of Tim McGraw’s hit ‘Last turn home’ penned by him and Maren.
Maren opened the show with ‘Sugar’. The punchy track was the perfect opener as the whole of the venue began to sing along. Following ‘Sugar’ was ‘Just another thing’, the angsty song had the whole crowd in awe at Maren’s vocal and performance ability. Next up was ‘How it’s done.’ the perfect song for a live performance, Maren’s energy and emotion was clear to see. At this point of the show it was evident that Maren had put her soul into creating the music that she had written and their performances on the tour. Her passion was intense, and it was energising to the audience.

Alongside her own songs, Maren performed two covers. ‘Hymn’ by Ke$ha and ‘Angel from Montgomery’ by Bonnie Raitt. Maren’s performance of Hymn was incredible and reflects her incredibly ability of taking a piece and making it her own. ‘Angel from Montgomery’ was a refreshing take on a classic country song and was appreciated highly by country traditionalists and modern country folk alike. Alongside these covers, Maren incorporated a fresh feeling into her own song ‘Second Wind’ by coupling the tune with Beyonce’s ‘Halo’.

Maren treated the Bristol crowd to a new song called ‘Flavor’. The witty and sassy lyrics coupled with Maren’s ability to create a song that pleases both pop and country fans alike, makes for an interesting dynamic and has me excited for what is to come from her next album. Following ‘Flavor’ the crowd were treated to a country power couple duet from Maren and Ryan on her track ‘I wish I was.’

The highlight of the gig for me was of course ‘My Church’. The song that skyrocketed Maren’s career had the whole venue singing at the top of voices. The ability of Maren and her band to put on such an impressive performance shocked me. Never have I ever felt a crowd of people so inclined to sing with passion. (In perfect pitch too, I may add! Which Maren inclined to comment on herself.)
In a change of dynamic to a normal gig, Maren choose to end the gig with her song ‘Dear Hate.’ The heartbreaking lyrics and Maren’s explanation for the release of the song led to many a tear amongst the crowd. A crowning glory in her discography, ‘Dear Hate’ live is heart wrenching. Maren sure knows how to cripple a crowd with emotion.

As a huge fan of Maren, I had grand expectations going into the gig. These were well and truly shattered. Her ability to put on an exceptional performance with incredible vocals awed me. If you ever have the opportunity to see her live, I highly recommend it.

Rating: 5/5
1. Sugar
2. Just another thing
3. How It’s done
4. Angel from Montgomery (Bonnie Raitt Cover)
5. I could use a love song
6. Flavor
7. I wish I was (with Ryan Hurd)
8. Company you Keep
9. Once
10. 80s Mercedes
11. Rich
12. Hymn (Ke$ha Cover)
13. My Church
14. Second wind and Halo (Beyonce Cover)
15. Dear Hate

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