The BGA’s 2017 – All You Need To Know

For the second year in a row, we’re running the BGA’s – the Belles and Gals annual awards! There are eight categories in all this year – three celebrating the UK country scene and five celebrating the wider international scene. In the UK categories, we have included any artists who have made a significant impact on the UK scene, whether or not they are from the UK itself. The categories are as follows:

Best UK Song

Best UK Solo Artist

Best UK Duo/Group

Best UK EP

Best International Album

Best International Song

Best International Duo/Group

Best International Newcomer

Best International Solo Artist

We will be announcing four artists/songs in each of the categories on Friday the 8th December. The nominations have been decided by a vote involving the members of the Belles and Gals team. Each member selected three artists in each category and ranked them 1, 2 and 3. The votes were weighted and the four artists/songs with the highest totals have received the nominations. At the nomination stage, none of the awards have been decided. The team will enjoy another round of voting in January to decide the 8 winners. The winners of the 2017 BGA’s will be announced in late January 2018, to coincide with the 2 year anniversary of the launch of Belles and Gals!


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