Road to C2C Festival #7 – Sammie Jay

Our ‘Road to C2C Festival’ series continues today with Sammie Jay. Sammie Jay is a new artist to us at Belles and Gals, but if you have a few minutes to spare, check out her energetic performances on YouTube and there is little doubt she has an amazing voice too – check out live cover of ‘I Will Always Love You’ above for a fine example.

Sammie Jay writes on her website – “I do what I do because I love it with a passion. I could never grow tired of the process of creating music and writing songs. It is awesome that I get to connect and touch the hearts of so many people through my music. Be it singing to a small bunch of people or if I am in a huge Arena in front of thousands I just live and breath the melody and lyrics of a good song. I have been inspired by many wonderful artists such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston & Stevie Wonder. and if I am not at my keyboard writing a new song, or strumming on my guitar and performing. Then I am probably hitting the dance floor somewhere instead, because music is in my bones!”

Sammie Jay will be appearing on the Busking Stage on both Saturday and Sunday.

Sammie Jay – Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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