Houston – ‘Manuscripts’ EP Review

This week saw the release of ‘Manuscripts’ the great new E.P. from UK all female trio Houston. The EP features three songs from the group, comprised of Holly Anne, Lauren and Charlotte and is a fantastic introduction to their talent!

The EP opens with ‘Your Kinda Love’ and it’s evident from the start that all three of the ladies have strong vocals, each taking the lead at different times, while combining together brilliantly too. The song is about finding a relationship with that ‘perfect’ man who says and does all the right things, and then realising that he doesn’t quite match up to real relationship before. The song is soulful and edgy – a perfect opener.

‘Pretty Good Heart’ is a song about a nice guy chasing the wrong girl, almost like the opener from a different perspective. “Let it go, that train’s never coming, you’re better chasing off someone who will care”. This is the highlight for me, a song with a gorgeous melody throughout, a fantastic middle eight, catchy and once again, performed perfectly.

“Don’t let the door kick your ass on your way out” is the highlight of the attitude filled final track ‘Fake’. The ladies leave the ‘fake’ guy in no doubt as to their feelings, this track has badass written all over it – I’ll be seeing this song live in a couple of weeks, and as a man, I might feel the need to hide!

For a debut EP, this is a great effort from Houston. The country pop trio have energy, an edge and vocals that will blow you away, while showing the ability to mix it up too. Keep a close eye on Houston, they could be a force to be reckoned with.

Review by Nick Cantwell (twitter.com/nickbelles_gals)


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