Hannah Paris – Just You Wait (guest review by Jonny Brick)

What a great song. Woe and betide the poor guy who messed with Hannah Paris, a singer from the country enclave of Essex, the county that brought us Holloway Road and Lisa Wright.

Musically this is a super song, from the opening banjo-and-electric-guitar sounds to the breakdown on an acoustic guitar which builds to the third chorus. You can even pop a solo in there if you wanted to.

Hannah’s attitude is front and centre in the production. The first line is ‘Did you mean to break my heart’, which is underscored by an on-the-beat kick drum, as if Hannah is punching the guy in the gut. She’s been ‘cheated, defeated..I’ve been stood up, betrayed’ but now the show is on the other foot. I hope it’s a stiletto.

The syncopated chorus will work really well live, and Carrie Underwood would kill for this song, which uses the word ‘venom’ in its second verse. ‘I’ve seen you in black and white’ is a good image, as if Hannah has read about some crime the boy committed in a newspaper or old caper. All the colour has drained out of him, perhaps, because Hannah is taking him down.

A great new voice with a great song, look out and listen for Hannah Paris.

A Guest Review from Jonny Brick

Jonny Brick is the editor of Blastocyst.org.uk and the man behind A Country Way of Life, a multi-headed portal for country music criticism, which returns with an audio offering on March 30. He also writes for LYRIC magazine, and tweets @CountryWOL, Jonny is a songwriter whose original song and covers can be found at Soundcloud.com/jonny_brick.

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