Kate Ellis Releases a ‘David Gould’ Remix of ‘I Believe’

Yesterday saw the release of the ‘ambient country’ mix of Kate Ellis’s ‘I Believe’, a song we’ve featured before on the site – although it would be fair to say we’ve never featured a version like this before!

David Gould produced many of the tracks on Kate’s debut album and states: “I’ve always loved sounds that can envelop vocals and melody in more ethereal ways without beats. I thought it could work really well applying some atmospheric and textured Electronica instrumentation to a rootsy, acoustic Americana song like “I Believe”. I’m super happy with the ambient country sound we ended up with – in the process we might have accidentally invented a whole new genre: ‘Electronicana’.”

Kate Ellis: “I loved collaborating with David on my first album – he has this amazing ability to make music that spans different genres but always has beauty and emotion at the heart of it. That’s always what I’m drawn to in music so it’s thrilling to hear his unique interpretation of my song with the core emotional truth expressed in an entirely new way.”



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