Interview With Nashville Artist Jessie G

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to Jessie G, an exciting new country artist who has been signed to Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Records” and who’s debut album will be released very soon ( )
Anxious to find out more, I was thrilled that Jessie agreed to answer a few of my questions…….happy reading and listening!

1. LH So, Jessie, from the fishing industry to the music business! That’s always been your dream hasn’t it?
JG Ohhh yeah! Every since I was a little girl I wanted to be in the spotlight. I competed in every musical talent show I could find and I started my first rock n roll band at 14. After that I was hooked. Linfield college in Oregon offered me a music scholarship and I was able to hone in on my craft and develop as a vocalist there.

2. LH Were your family supportive of your musical ambitions…..and are any of them musical?
JG Very supportive! You can’t do this career without a solid support system. It takes a team to make this dream a reality.
All growing up my dad was big into music. I remember as a little girl riding around in his truck rocking out to Aerosmith and Metallica. He would take me to karaoke nights once a week and that was where I first learned how to sing in front of a crowd. I’m very thankful my parents saw my talent early on and encouraged it.

3. LH You say your musical tastes growing up were pretty eclectic, what was it about the country genre that attracted you and which particular artists have inspired your career to date?
JG Mostly the songwriting part of country music. It really is three chords and the truth. It’s relatable to real normal hard working people. I grew up listening to the Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, Garth Brooks… oh and GRETCHEN WILSON of course!

4. LH “ Battle of the Bands” really changed your life didn’t it? Was it nerve wracking performing in front of Gretchen, who is obviously such a huge country star…..can you remember much about it all or was it all lost in a blur of excitement?
JG When the local radio station told me about the Battle of the Bands competition and the prize being an opener for Gretchen, I knew I had to win it.
Opening up for Gretchen was an unforgettable night. There was so much energy performing in front of a home state crowd. After the show I got to meet Gretchen and we ended up hanging out until like 4am! It was then that she gave me the advice to move to Nashville.

5. LH You’ve been living in Nashville for a few years now…… do you see it as home yet?
JG Definitely. Nashville is home. The people are amazing. I found family out here. I’ll end up settling down here for sure.

6. LH And now you have a record deal and a debut album set for release……what can you tell us about it, is there a particular track you are especially excited for us to hear?
JG This album is my best work to date! I’m so proud of it. My single that we just released is called “Army Ranger” and the response from it has been amazing.

7. LH Can you tell us about that single “ Army Ranger”? What inspired it, and who did you co-write this one with, for example?
JG Army Ranger was inspired by my personal relationship with a man in the military. I hadn’t spoke to him in over a month and it was one of those days where it was just really hard for me. When I walked into the writing room with co-writers Melanie Meriney and Michael August, I pitched the idea to them. I had it written down for months but I didn’t have the right words for it yet. It was meant to be written on that day with those people. It took us about an hour and a half to finish it. There were multiple times where I stopped, cried, had goosebumps… we knew it would be a hit.

8 LH It sounds like Gretchen has been a huge help and support over the past few years,……….can you sum up what that has meant to you in a few words?
JG She has been one of the biggest influences in my life. I’m very blessed that God out her in it. She’s become one of my best friends. I’m in good hands on her label!

9.LH And how exciting to be going out on the road with her this Summer! I know you’ve been performing live since you were a teenager, but i guess you’ll be playing to some bigger audiences than you are used to?
JG Ohhh yeah… multiply what I’m used to by a hundred haha

10 LH Do you have a dream venue on your bucket list? And if you could duet there with anyone who would that be?
JG All the staples in Nashville. The Ryman. Grand Ole Opry. Bridgestone. I also can’t wait to play on the big stages in my home state in Oregon!

11. LH And any plans to visit the UK? We love our country music here!
JG Heck yes! Get us out there ASAP!

LH That’s great news! Good luck with the album, single and tour! And thanks for your time!

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