Roisin O’Hagan’s ‘Drive’ Released Today

Today is the third time we’ve featured Roisin O’Hagan on Belles and Gals, with her delightful new single ‘Drive’. The Essex based singer grabbed my attention completely when featuring ‘Living in the Dark’ (you can see just how impressed I was when you read here) and now the talented singer songwriter has done it again with ‘Drive’. The song once again shows just how strong Roisin O’Hagan is vocally, while she has certainly underlined the fact that she is already an accomplished songwriter who stands out in the sometimes crowded UK scene. 

Roisin O’Hagn on ‘Drive’ –

‘Drive’ is a fun, Summer love song about being lost in the excitement that comes with
feeling love and being loved. It’s about letting yourself be swept up in the emotions. It can be
scary and amazing when your heart is racing over something, whether it’s about a person,
about feeling like you are making steps towards your goals or just appreciating the people
around you and where you are in life. I wanted to capture that rush with ‘Drive’ and
encompass the feeling of not being able to stop thinking about something and jumping
around in excitement over it.”

Stream ‘Drive’ below.


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