Tiera – “Out of Sight” – Released Today!

Tiera is one of the real rising stars of the country music and releases her new single ‘Out of Sight’ today. Nick Cantwell was lucky enough to chat to Tiera about the single today:

Hi Tiera! Your new single ‘Out of Sight’ is out today! How exciting it is to have a new song hitting the airwaves?

Hey Nick! I am extremely excited about Out of Sight being out! I wrote Out of Sight about 2 years ago so I’m so glad people are finally able to hear it.

Can you tell us where the ideas and inspiration for ‘Out of Sight’ came from?

My co-writer, Noah Shell, came in with the first few lines of the song for one of our writes and we weren’t really feeling it that day so we actually ended up writing a different song. I really loved the first lines Noah had come in with though so I went home and wrote a couple more lines for the first verse and we wrote the rest of the song in our next write. We wrote this song about getting out of town with the person you love and leaving all your worries behind you!

This new single, on the back of the release of the brilliant ‘Wake Up Call’, and your live performances are certainly creating a buzz in 2018 so far. What can we expect from you in the second half of the year?

I’ll be releasing more music throughout this year! I’ve written so many songs and I can’t wait for everyone to hear them. I also have lots of performances scheduled and they are all listed on my website tieramusic.com!

‘Out of Sight’ is another sure fire winner from Tiera and if you want to hear one of the best new voices in the industry, have a listen below!

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