Emma Jade – Older Now EP Release

Emma Jade has just released her debut EP ‘Older Now’ after recently showcasing her amazing talent in Nashville at a few local venues and if you haven’t listened yet you are seriously missing out. The 4 track CD is a collection of 4 outstanding tracks mixed together with a traditional country feel to make a fantastic EP that guaranteed by the last song will leave you craving more.

‘Ain’t Losing Sleep’ being the first track on the EP I didn’t expect to be instantly blown away on first listen but believe me I was! This track is the perfect opener and staple track for her EP and my personal favourite. The opening bars completely draw you in with its infectious melody. This girl-power fightback kind of song as a woman wronged has all the feelings of feeling good after getting rid of the loser who done her wrong with no regrets “I ain’t got no time for your s**t, there used to be a time when I was interested” This written from the heart track is also evidently a fan favourite after witnessing her performance at ‘FSA festival’ ,where she debuted the track with a full band, and saw the crowd singing the along to the cleverly written and infectious chorus.

As you flow into the second track you start to see that glimpse of traditional country peaking through with track ‘Storm Warning’.  ‘Can’t stop falling in Love’ is a love song with beautifully written lyrics about trying hard to stop herself from falling in love but is unable to. The two middle tracks of this mini EP is where Emma’s flawless vocals really get the chance to shine and show off her unbelievable talent.

Last track of the EP ‘One Horse Town’ is another track where on first listen you get that traditional country feeling taking you back to an old country kind of vibe. This 4 track EP as far as am aware is only available on CD and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the first one’s produced. Please head to www.emmajade.bigcartel.com now to grab your copy, it will be the best £5 you have spent. Believe me when I say this is an amazing debut EP from Emma and I for one am really excited for her future now this has been released. This girl is going places and I cannot wait to see her achieve the success she deserves!

Article written by Katie Louise Ingram (twitter.com/xkatie19x)

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