Payton Taylor releases ‘Whiskey on my Wings’

Today we’re delighted to feature Payton Taylor with her fantastic new single ‘Whiskey on my Wings’. As you might have picked up from the title, this is a song about aiming to not let temptation win, as evidenced by killer lines such as ‘I’m fighting temptation, but that fight don’t last too long, I’m like the angel that ain’t quite divine, I’ll skip the water and drink the wine‘. 

The song is a good slow build, with a chorus that grabs hold and a smooth as silk vocal performance from Payton Taylor. Instead of the big ending, the some comes down perfectly for the last few bars, with the stripped back production leaving the way for Taylor to end the song perfectly with a hymn. The song might be about avoiding temptation, but playing this loud with a Jack Daniels in your hand might just be the perfect way to listen. If this is a sign of things to come from Payton, we all have a lot to look forward to. Take a listen yourself below.


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